Strict Dress Code for JEE Advanced 2016 Aspirants

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Candidates appearing for the JEE (Advanced) 2016 on May 22 will have follow the stringent dress code prescribed by the authorities at all examination centers. The authorities have prepared a list of items that are prohibited in the exam centres and have also mentioned a specific dress code for the same.

In order to avoid malpractices by the candidates, the authorities have restricted the candidates to wear half or sleeveless shirts, t-shirts and kurtas. In footwear shoes and high heels are not allowed. The committee had also banned wristwatches (analog and smart/programmable) but has lifted the ban and now has allowed only analog watches after facing criticism. As justification, the instructions in the list mention that the invigilator will be announcing the time every half an hour to the students.

The Organising Institute has also requested all candidates to cooperate for physical frisking at the examination centre. They are requested to report at the examination center well in advance to avoid any delay. Even during recently held NEET conducted by the CBSE had prescribed a strongent dress code for aspirants and students were not allowed to wear full sleeve shirts, and belts along with covered footwear were restricted. Students were subjected to physical frisking.

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