What Parents Can Do To Stop Cyber Bullying

In a recent case a student from one of the top schools in Delhi-NCR  was bullied online and body shamed,.The girl in question is a feisty, confident young woman who used social media to her advantage and turned the situation around, by using it as an opportunity to garner public opinion. But are all children able to deal with a similar situation as confidently? As parents, what exactly can we do to first identify and then address this issue of cyberbullying?

You as parents may have a difficult time protecting your child and understandably so. Parents should be the first ones a child can go to when faced with an emotionally challenging situation. However, in cases like these, parents are often the last ones to know about the problems their child is dealing with. This is because the child fears getting into more trouble.

Here are some practical tips to help parents, prevent and stop cyberbullying.

Tell us what online precautions you take when your child uses the Internet. Give us your suggestions. 



  1. puja says

    I gave password to my son laptop….I always wid him when he use internet…
    I also educate him about d demerits of internet…

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