YouTeach Season 3 draws to a close. Thank you for the huge response!


YouTeach Season 3 has come to end! Honestly, this has been an overwhelming experience for us, since students across India participated in the video upload contest, held by Meritnation. This time we received a total of over 3900 videos and thousands of likes, comments, and views.

It was heartening to see students from every standard participating, showcasing the complete package of enthusiasm and creativity required to be a perfect teacher. The hard work surely didn’t go unnoticed, as the audience has been regular with their ‘upvotes’ to their favourite participant/ video, thereby increasing their chances of winning. 

From cool science tricks to tricky Mathematics problems, our participants definitely explained them all like a pro!  Meritnation is proud of every student who took part in YouTeach Season 3 and demonstrated their excellent grasp over the concepts. We are sure that they have made their teachers and parents proud too! Many congratulations to the winners. And for those who did not win this season, don’t get disheartened as we will be back with another season. Take a look at some of the winning videos on YouTeach Season 3.

Winners of YouTeach Season 3

1st Prize Winner – Rubalpreet Kaur, CBSE Class XI, Delhi Public School
Topic – Potato Drinking Water, Science Experiment

2nd Prize Winner – Navya Dubey, CBSE Class VII, St. Vivekanand Sr. Sec Public School
Topic – Nutrition in Plants, Just in One Sight, Science Experiment
Watch her #YouTeach video –

3rd Prize Winner – Lokesh, CBSE Class XII, Ideal International School
Topic – Electrochemical Series, Science, Chemistry
Watch his #YouTeach video –

Take a look at some of the top videos from each class:

Class VI

1.Ananya Tiwari, St. Mary’s Convent High School

Topic – Finding squares of numbers ending with 5 (two-digit numbers) in just 2 seconds.
#ancientmathstric #ancientmaths #mathstrick #squares #mathematics #vedicmaths #CBSEClass6Maths

2.Khushi Periwal, Highfields international school, Purusotthapura

Topic – Measurements explained in a minute.
#ClassVI #Maths #Measurements #Mathematics #width #length #distance #foot #CBSEClass6Maths

3.Samaira Khan, Times World School

Topic – Studying Maths in a funny way!
#Mathematics #funwithmaths #class6maths #solvemathsproblems #CBSEClass6Maths

Class VII

1.Kumar Ayush, St. Karen’s Secondary School

 Topic – Distributive property explained very clearly!
#Integers #distributiveproperty #class7maths #mathsproblems #mathsolutions #CBSEClass7Maths

2.Shreyas Alse, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya

Topic – Neutralisation, CBSE Class VII, Chemistry
#Class7Chemistry #CBSEClass7 #Science #Scienceexperiment #class7science #neautralisation

3.Suhani Singh, St. Karen’s High School

Topic – All About Corresponding Angles || Lines and Angles ||
#CBSEClass7 #Class7maths #mathematics #correspondingangles #linesandangles #mathsolutions

Class VIII

1.Rohit, Sainik School Tilaiya

Topic – Funny way of learning Friction, CBSE Class 8th, Science, Physics
#science #class8physics #friction

2.Samrridh Khanna, Mayoor School

Topic – Water jet (using Air pressure)
CBSE Class 8
th, Science, Solution for class 8 science, NCERT Solution for Class 8 Science Chapter 3 #waterjet #scienceexperiment

3.Mayank Agarwal, St.xaviers high school

Topic – Concepts of Linear equations in one variable, CBSE Class 8 Maths
Mathematics Class 8 Chapter 2 #mathsolutions #mathsproblems #class8maths

Class IX

1.Shatanshu Shekhar, St. Joseph’s High School

Topic – Funny Mathematical Trick, CBSE Class IX
Class 9 Mathematics, #Mathssolutions #Class9mathsolutions

2.Piyush, Stephen’s International Public School

Topic – Significance of Boiling Point।। Full Concept।। Full Explanation
NCERT Class IX Science, Chemistry, #Scienceexperiment #class9science #class9chemistry

3.Srijan Sharma, Meridian School

Topic – Lines and Angles, NCERT Solution for Class 9 Maths Chapter 6
#Mathematicsclass6 #linesandangles #mathssolutions #mathsproblems

Class X

1.Emon Ganguly, Vishal Bharti Public School

Topic – Parallel and Series Combination Under 2 minutes
Class X, Physics, CBSE Class 10, Electricity – Resistors in Series & Parallel Combination #class10physics

2.Samridhi Bansal, St. Joseph’s Convent School

Topic – Chore-alkali Process easy explanation, Class X Biology
CBSE Class X Biology Solutions, #choralkaliprocessexperiment

3.Sarvaswa Bhati, Central Academy

Topic – Seeing germs of hands, CBSE Class X Science
#Class10scienceexperiment #howtoseegerms

Class XI 

1.Shweta, Ideal International School

Topic – Derivation of Equation of motion, CBSE Class XI Science, Physics
Class 11
th Physics Concept Explanation, Derive Three Equations of Motion

2.Sarthak Shukla, Delhi Public School

Topic – Fun way to learn Modern Periodic Table
#UsseTeePo #YouTeach, CBSE Class XI, Science, Chemistry, tricks to learn the periodic table, easy way to learn the periodic table, #classXIscience #class11chemistry

3.Aayushi, St. Michaels High School, Patna

Topic – Magic of Trigo in the real world, CBSE Class XI Maths
#TrigonometryinGames #ClassXIMaths

Class XII

1.Deorishi Gupta, S H M D SCHOOL

Topic – Inverse Trigonometric Functions (Fun with maths), CBSE, Class XII Mathematics
NCERT Class 12 Maths Chapter

2.Om, Indian School

Topic – Did I just bend water? | Anti-Gravity Water| Two Experiments, CBSE Class XII, Science
Chemistry, how to do anti-gravity water trick, #funscienceexperiment, #waterexperiment #gravityexperiment

3.Deorishi Gupta, B.S.F. Residential School

Topic – Methods of Valuation of Goodwill, CBSE Class XII Commerce, Accountancy
Goodwill Evaluation Explained, Accounting Procedure for Valuation of Goodwill, #ClassXIICommerce #Class12Accounts








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