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Divisibility Tests

Osculators and Osculation

In Vedic Mathematics, testing divisibility is very easy and there is a general rule for it. The concept of osculators or “vestanas” is used for testing divisibility, and they are calculated by using the Vedic Mathematics sutra, called the “ekadhika sutra”. The process by which one tests the divisibility is called as “Vestanas” or “osculation”.

Watch the following video to learn how to find out the osculators of numbers:

Solved Examples

Example 1:

Calculate the osculator of 189.


Example 2:

Calculate the osculator of 143.


143 × 3 = 429

Example 3:

Calculate the osculator of 87.


87 × 7 = 609

Example 4:

Calculate the osculator of 91.


91 × 9 = 819

These osculators act as the building blocks for the divisibility test process. They are used to osculate the number in order to reach the conclusion that whether the number is divisible or not.


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