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Asked by Rock Star Newton 9 seconds ago Reply
Fine, so I find none of moi friends in here. A better option would be leaving.. so take care :")
Asked by Vid. 9 seconds ago Reply
any 1
Asked by Shruti Kumari 16 seconds ago Reply
Asked by Sejal 44 seconds ago 2 Comments Reply
fire in the hole ! ~
Asked by C O A R S E 44 seconds ago Reply
For a primary health centre, rs 28680 were given in the first year In the second year rs 5850 more than the first year were given.In the third year rs 4700 more than the amount given in the second year were given . find total amount in third year?
Asked by Saksham 1 minute ago Reply
will CR7 be coming to india?
Asked by Aquarius 1 minute ago 1 Comments Reply
Asked by Rock Star Newton 2 minutes ago Reply
Hrya :D
Asked by Cupcake Mitali 3 minutes ago 2 Comments Reply
Bye Tc :D
Asked by Niti 3 minutes ago 4 Comments Reply
Mom : beta ankhon ko dekho dhas ri hai aur bhaitha karo phono pe ._. Me: *in my mind* I think I use it n not sit over it :p
Asked by Vid. 3 minutes ago 3 Comments Reply
Asked by Arwinder Sandhu 3 minutes ago 3 Comments Reply
Bye Gtg Tc ❤ Miss ya Janeman(s) ❤
Asked by Anakha 5 minutes ago 6 Comments Reply
Asked by Rock Star Newton 5 minutes ago 2 Comments Reply
huh.. morons
Asked by Kr. Satwik 5 minutes ago 1 Comments Reply