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Where Do All The Teachers Go (poem)

Question 1:

Answer these questions.

(i) Why does the poet want to know where the teachers go at four o’clock?

(ii) What are the things normal people do that the poet talks about?

(iii) What does he imagine about

(a) where teachers live?

(b) what they do at home?

(c) the people with whom they live?

(d) their activities when they were children in school?

(iv) Why does the poet wonder if teachers also do things that other people do?

(v) How does the poet plan to find out? What will he do once he finds out?


(i) The poet wants to know where the teachers go at four o’clock because that was the time when the school got over. He watches the teachers till the time they are in school. However, he wonders where they go after school.

(ii) The poet talks about things that normal people do such as washing socks, wearing pyjamas, watching TV, picking their noses, living with their parents, not spelling right, being bad, making mistakes, getting punished, losing books, scribbling on desk tops, wearing old dirty jeans, etc.


(a) He wonder…

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