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Two Gentlemen Of Verona

Question 8:

(a) We bought their biggest basket, then set off toward town.

(b) One night we came upon them in the windy and deserted square.

(c) He bit his lip, then in a rather put out tone he said, 'Very well.'

(d) I shook my head and turned away.

Here are a few more. Match the phrases to their meanings.



set up

to start on a journey

break down

to tolerate a situation or a person

set off

to lose control of your feelings and start crying

put up

with to enter

put off

to be faced with or opposed by

put on

to start/ establish a company

come in

to refuse/ reject

come across

to postpone

come up against

to try to get help/advice/ sympathy from someone

turn down

to wear

turn in to

meet or find by chance

turn to

to inform on or deliver up

Now use the phrases given above to complete the following sentences.

1. The landlord was suspicious of the two men staying in his flat so he called the police and _____________them _____________

2. Early in the morning we packed our bags and _____________ for a hike over the mountain.

3. Janvi _____________some photographs of her grandfather in the old trunk.

4. My father _____________ his own business 10 years ago.

5. The Bank _____________ Paul's request for a loan.

6. The Corporation's decision to reduce the leave of the employees _____________ a lot of opposition.




Set up

to start / establish a company.

Break down

to lose control of your feelings and start crying.

Set off

to start on a journey.

Put up

to tolerate a situation or a person

Put off

to p…

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