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Fun With Magnets

Question 2:

State whether the following statements are ‘True’ or ‘False’.

(i) A cylindrical magnet has only one pole.

(ii) Artificial magnets were discovered in Greece.

(iii) Similar poles of a magnet repel each other.

(iv) Maximum iron filings stick in the middle of a bar magnet when it is bought near them.

(v) Bar magnets always point towards the North−South direction.

(vi) A compass can be used to find the East−West direction at any place.

(vii) Rubber is a magnetic material.


(i) False

Magnets always have two poles; the north pole and the south pole. A cylindrical magnet also has two poles.

(ii) False

Artificial magnets were not discovered in Greece. Only natural magnets were discovered in Greece.

(iii) True

Like poles of magnets repel each other, while unlike poles of magnets attract each other. The south pole of a magnet attrac…

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