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Globe Latitudes And Longitudes

Question 1:

Answer the following questions briefly.

(a) What is the true shape of the Earth?

(b) What is a globe?

(c) What is the latitudinal value of the Tropic of Cancer?

(d) What are the three heat zones of the Earth?

(e) What are the parallels of latitude and meridians of longitudes?

(f) Why does the Torrid Zone receive maximum amount of heat?

(g) Why is it 5.30 P.M. in India and 12.00 noon in London?


(a) Earth is slightly flattened at the North and South Poles, and bulges in the middle. The shape of the Earth is described as a ‘geoid’, that is, ‘an Earth-like shape’.

(b) Globe is a true model (miniature form) of the Earth.

(c) The Tropic of Cancer lies 23½ ° north of the Equator.

(d) The three heat zones of the Earth are: the Torrid…

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