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Textbook Solutions for Class 11 Science

Chapter-wise, detailed solutions to the questions to the Popular Textbooks are provided with the objective of helping students compare their answers with the sample answers.



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General Introduction; Importance of Physics; Physical quantities

Chapter: Units And Measurements

Chemical composition of living tissues; Cellular pool; Water; Biomolecules & their types; Carbohydrates & their classification (Monosaccharides, disaccharides & polysaccharides); Glycosidic bond

Chapter: Biomolecules

Concept of sets; Set representation; Cardinal number of a set; Equal & equivalent sets; Concept of subset; Supersets & power set

Chapter: Sets

Five states of matter & their characteristics, Freezing; Melting; Condensation; Vapourisation; Boiling; Deposition; Sublimation; Effect of temperature & pressure on states of matter; Homogeneous mixture; Heterogeneous mixture; Mass; Volume; Density, Tempe

Chapter: Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

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Key features of Textbook Solutions for class 11 Science:

  • Homework made easy with chapter-wise detailed solutions to the questions of Popular class 11 Science textbooks
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  • Detailed subjective answers for questions which are easy to understand and learn
  • Carefully designed class 11 Science Textbook solutions by experts match the curriculum exactly

Here at, students can find the best solutions to popular textbooks of class 11 Science with just a click of the mouse. When the study materials are readily available, preparation for exams becomes much easier for the students.

With the solutions to textbooks of class 11 Science, the quality of the study materials is being effectively maintained. Prepared by the experts of, both subjective and MCQ type questions along with their answers and solutions are being provided in the class 11 Science Textbook Solutions keeping in mind the exact requirement of the class 11 Science students.

Students also get the option for studying a particular chapter, take chapter test or revise the chapter with the solutions to textbooks of class 11 Science. This helps them in comprehensively covering all topics and also find out topics they are weak in and needs extra attention.

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