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Class 10 - English - Unit-2 Inclusive Education

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Unit-2 Inclusive Education

Question C.11:

Write a biosketch of Tamil writer−Bama

Read the biographical details of famous Tamil writer -Bama and write a bio-sketch on the basis of these details.

  • Bama - Born 1958, creative Tamil, woman writer, committed teacher, social activist -popularly known as Karukku Bama.

  • Penname - Faustina Mary Fatima Rani.

  • Novels -Karukku, Sangati and Vanman- translated into other Indian languages, English and French.

  • Wrote twenty short stories - not published in book form.

  • Honorary doctorate degree - Crossword Award for her semi-fictional autobiography Karukku.

  • Invited by universities in India and abroad --lectures at various conferences.

  • Multi-faceted personality-woman with extraordinary courage, conviction, resistance to any form of oppression

  • Keen eye for beauty in nature, profound insight into issues pertaining to caste, religion, women.

  • Clear thoughts and expression

  • Dedicated to the uplift of the downtrodden : passion-Teaching: Mission --

  • Building a casteless society

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