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Class 10 - English - Unit-5 The Emerald Islands

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Unit-5 The Emerald Islands

Question C.3:

When people are not very familiar with a language, they sometimes explain words by paraphrasing them. Match the words in the box to the paraphrases below. Check in the dictionary if you are not sure.

cluster, fauna, penal settlement, languish, mangrove, aboriginal, archipelago, topography, meandering, snorkeling

  • It's a tropical tree, found near water, whose twisted roots grow partly above ground

  • It refers to the shape of an area of land, including its hills, valleys etc.

  • It is an area of sea in which there are many small islands

  • It is a group of similar things that are close together

  • It is to describe the course of a river, coast line or path that turns a lot.

  • This is to exist in an unpleasant or unwanted situation

  • They are all the wild animals that live in a particular area

  • It is an activity that involves swimming underwater using a breathing device

  • A type of prison, which is often in a place far away from other people

  • This is a person or living thing that has existed in a country or continent since the earliest time known to people

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