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A hollow spherical shell is made of a metal of density 4.5 g per cm2 .If tits internal and external radii are 8 cm & 9 cm respectively, find the weight of the shell.
Asked by Shreya Kse(student) , on 2/3/13

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let the internal radius of the hollow shell be r = 8 cm

let the external radius of the hollow shell be R = 9 cm

therefore the volume of the spherical shell V =

weight of 1 cubic cm = 4.5 gm

thus the weight of the spherical shell =

hope this helps you

Posted by Ajanta Trivedi(MeritNation Expert)on 2/3/13

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More Answers

  • r=internal radii= 8
  • R = external radii=9
  • volume of hollow sphere=4/3.22/7.(R3 - r3)
  • putting value of R and r
  • 4/3.22/7.(9.9.9.-8.8.8)
  • 4/3.22/7.(791-512)
  • 4/3.22/7.279
  • 8184/7cm3
  • weight of 8184/7 cm3 = 8184/7.4.5=5261.1 gms.

Posted by Priyanka Aggarw...(student)on 2/3/13

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