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Animal life is also affected by deforestation. How?

Asked by cute_sumaiyah.....(student) , on 20/11/10

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as the tree are cut  so they lose their homes and no food to eat 

Posted by ananyasubin...(student)on 22/11/10

More Answers

 Animals need water and Food 2 live, During desertification the trees decreases to 0, thus the main source of food is finished 4 herbivorous and d carnivorous survive on herbivorous and thus, carnivorous also migrate 2 other places,,,,,,,

Besides Water supply is also disturbed b 'coz of insufficient water supply.................. 

Posted by Natasha Chandra(student)on 1/12/10


 when the trees are cut, there is no shelter for the wildlife

Posted by Harika Davuluri(student)on 5/12/10


when all the forests are cut the animals can not continue their survival as ther is no shelter for them nor food is avialable.

Posted by Shree Kowshalya(student)on 26/2/11


 actualy the answer is that the birds live on trees make thier nest but if no tres no home and if there is no tree then no food can be provided to the animals 

Posted by Lavanya Vaish(student)on 4/3/11


 how animal life effect deforestation

Posted by monnk45...(student)on 7/8/11


yes becuase animals and birds use trees in diff ways some live on trees ,some find food on trees and some protect themselves from danger on trees.So,defforestation will effect animal life by this way

Posted by Sneha Yadav(student)on 26/7/12


yes because it is the only home for animals

Posted by Urmila Chauhan(student)on 12/8/12


Forests are home to animals & birds. If this is depleted by deforestation there will be no home for animals.

Posted by Harsiddh Desai(student)on 17/8/12


 Forests are home to animals and birds, and they provide food and nutrition for them. So, if forests are cleared, animals will be homeless and on verge on endangerment, because their species will die out without the proper nutrition provided by certain plants in the forests. Moreover, they would be in dange from their predators.

Posted by Sharon John(student)on 7/2/13

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