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Asked by Akshara(student) , on 20/11/13

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 not here .look in your book for it.

Posted by Prashant Kumar(student)on 24/7/11

Note making is really just short sentence or example bullet points eg.
- sellotape, sticky
that could be sellotape is sticky but it puts it into a shorter form.
or notes can be reminder to your self like
-remember to wash dishes
but if you are making notes to revise for an exam or something similar then it is best to make a mind map with colour coded branches as the brain responds better to colour
hope this helped :D

Posted by Vasundhara Biss...(student)on 24/7/11

I don 't think, thats what he actually meant by note-making....

Posted by Byakuya Kuchukion 10/12/11

 it 's allll about making a long paragraph smaller in size

i.e. write it in forrm of bullets ,headings ,subheadings,ets(take a glance at youe 11th class chemistry textbooks index u 'll 

deinately get an idea there.

Posted by Arya(student)on 24/8/12

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