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Muyeena Akbari from The Oxford Senior Secondary School , asked a question
Subject: Social Science , asked on 27/2/10

Can ny1 explain me d diff. b/w cross-cutting n overlapping differences.

Its urgent....

Pooja Santhosh , From Doha Modern Indian School , added an answer
Answered on 27/2/10

its der in text!!!

cross-cutting: no problems or revolt b/w people!

over-lapping: one community sees themselves to be superior than others. there are many problems in over-lapping. at times it can even lead to the disintegration of a country!

i hope this is helpful!

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Muyeena Akbari , From The Oxford Senior Secondary School , added an answer
Answered on 28/2/10


Aparna N , From Meridian School For Boys & Girls , added an answer
Answered on 2/3/10

 Take the example of Northern Ireland and  Netherlands, which are predominantly Christian and divided into Catholics  and Protestants.

In northern Ireland, social differences overlap, so, Catholics are more likely to be poor and have had a history of discrimination.

In Netherlands, class and religion cross-cut each other, hence both Catholics and Protestants are likely to be rich or poor.

swweaisha , From Amar Nath Vidya Ashram Sr. Sec School , Mathura , added an answer
Answered on 22/9/10


1. When some social difference overlaps with other difference.

2. Situations of this kind produce social divisions, when one kind of social difference becomes more important than the other and people start feeling that they belong to different communities.

3. Example-a)difference between Black & White in the US becomes a social division because they tend to be poor & landless, and often face injustice & discrimination.

b) In our country Dalits tend to be poor & landless and often face injustice & discrimination.

4. Overlapping differences create possibilities of deep social divisions and tensions.


1.If social differences cross-cut one another, it is difficult to pit group of people against the other.

2. It means that group that share a common interest on the issue are likely to be on different sides on a different issue.

3. Example -Northern Ireland & Netherlands both are predominantly Christians but divided between Catholics & Protestants. In Northern Ireland class & religion overlap each other, if catholic one tend to be poor & have suffered discrimination where as in Netherland, class & religion tend to cross-cut each other and both are equally likely to be rich or poor. It means they have conflict in Northern Ireland and it is not so in Netherlands.

4. Cross-cut social differences are easier to accommodate.

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