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 Change the degree of comparison:-

1) Ankita is as intelligent as her sister.

2) Beans are as nutrious as milk.

3) A sunset on seashore is one of the loveliest sights of nature.

Asked by Devanshi D Dash(SRI SATHYA SAI VIDYA VIHAR) , on 27/11/11



@Devanshi, your friend Swati has very well answered to your query. Hope that helped!

@Swati, commendable effort! Well done! Thumbs up from Meritnation expert.

Posted by Amrita Hazraon 30/11/11

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too good question and an equivalently good answer.

Posted by Vaibhav(MAHATMA HANSRAJ MODERN SCHOOL) on 28/11/11

 1) Ankita 's sister is not as intelligent as her sister is.

2)Milk is not as nutritious as beans are.

3)Very few sights of nature are as lovely as a sunset on seashore.

Posted by Nishita Baliarsingh(SAI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL) on 3/12/11

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