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 define hess law

Asked by Pranav Srinivasan (student) , on 26/9/12

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. Hess ' Law states that the heat evolved or absorbed in a chemical process is the same whether the process takes place in one or in several steps. This is also known as the law of constant heat summation. To illustrate Hess 's law, the thermal equations and the energy level diagrams are shown below



Thermal equations Hess 's law energy level diagram
  • A + B = AB, dH 1
  • AB + B = AB2, dH 2
    A + 2 B = AB2, dH 1 2 = dH 1 + dH 2
rnrn    ======= A + 2 Bn     |   | dH 1ndH 1 2 | ===== AB + Bn     |   | dH 2n    ======= AB2n

hope it will definetly help u...

Posted by Ishan Goyal (student) on 27/9/12

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