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difference between evergreen forest and deciduous forest?

Asked by Fuad Mohammed(student) , on 7/1/15

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 Evergreen Forests

Deciduous  Forests

1. These are also called tropical rain forests which receive heavy rainfall.

1. These are also called monsoon forests.

2. They are so dense that sunlight cannot reach the ground.

2. They are less dense in comparison to Evergreen forests.

3. The trees shed their leaves at different times and thus they seem to be evergreen.

3. All variety of trees shed their leaves at the same time and thus they can’t be considered as evergreen.

4. Important trees are Mahogany, Ebony and Rosewood.

4.Important trees are Sal, Teak, Peepal, Neem and Shisham.

Posted by Astha Bahal(student)on 25/1/13

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I dont know......lolzzzz....!! :p

Posted by Jai Mehta(student)on 1/9/13


explain in detail the mechanisnm of the monsoon

Posted by Amara(student)on 13/3/14


evergreen forests are also called tropical rain forests

deciduous forests are called monsoon forests

Posted by Amara(student)on 13/3/14

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