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hindi essay on my aim in life

Asked by Aishwarya(student) , 2 weeks, 2 days ago


hindi essay on my ambition in life

Posted by Pooja(student)on 5/6/12

donot know

Posted by Pooja(student)on 5/6/12

Essay On Ambition Of My As A Teacher

Different persons have different ambitions in life because they differ not only in tastes and temperament but also in innate tendencies and physical capabilities. There are three factors which guide persons to choose their profession. They are power, pelf and popularity. After long sustained self-analysis, I have come to conclusion that teaching profession will suit me the most.
Being the Daugther of a teacher, I have perhaps inherited certain qualities of a teacher. I have natural bent of mind towards this noble profession. I know that this calling is not going to make me rich, nor a popular or powerful person. I am also conversant with the curious trend of the society that, on one hand, he is called the nation builder and, on the other hand, they Ambitionignorantly remark that those who cannot do any other kind of job become teachers. Despite this fallacy, I prefer to be a teacher. In my eyes this is the most humble profession as the avenues of allurements are negligible in comparison to other professions. A good teacher serves not only himself,’ but the society and the nation also without the expectation of any reward for his job. He serves himself because he can enlighten himself as much as possible while being in this profession. He serves the society and the nation because the citizens of the country will be what he makes them today. He is a guide, a friend and a philosopher to the pupils under his charge. He kindles their souls by his ‘lamp of knowledge and spirituality. He himself lives a plain life so that they may live in gaudiness. His face beams with joy when any student of his attains a prestigious position in life because he feels that his labour, after all, has not gone waste. With this spirit does he work and serve the nation. [continues]

Posted by Helena Raj(student)on 12/3/13

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