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how is indian system of numeration is different from international system of numeration??????

Asked by Hitika Patel(ADANI DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL) , on 19/6/13


In the international number system, the place value table is divided into hundreds, thousands and millions. Globally, the quantities are expressed in terms of ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, millions, billions etc. 

In Indian system, we have periods as Ones, Thousands, Lakhs and Crores

Posted by Poojaon 21/6/13

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it 's difficult to answer my question,it seems to me.well,everyone keep trying to find out the answer .Though i know the answer, i still asked to know who can answer my ques. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Aash(Delhi Public School) on 25/9/10


in international system of numeration we have ones, tens, hundreds, thousands and then millions.commas are used after every three digits from the right.In indian system of numeration we use ones,tens,hundreds,thousands and then lakhs and crores.the first comma comes after hundreds place(three digits from the right).the second comma comes two digits later(five digits from the right) the third comma comes after another two digits and so on.

Posted by Kaushiki Tripathi(Campus School,Pantnagar) on 11/10/10


in    international system of numeration we put comma after 3 digits,in  indian system of numeration  we put comma after 3 digits then 2 digits and 2digit itself goes. for example

indian system of numeration             - 45,32,43,567

international system of numeration  -544,656



 Indian system of numeration is different from international system of numeration by some of the things-

>In Indian system of numeration we use thousands,ten thousands,lacks,ten lacks,crores,arab,kharab etc whereas in International system we use thousands, millions,billions etc.

>In  Indian system we put commas as 3-2-2-2 but in international system we put commas in3-3-3-3-3pattern.

Posted by Sanskruti Karnawat(INDUS WORLD SCHOOL) on 27/10/10


in indian system we have ones, tense,hundreds,thousands,ten thousands,lakh,ten lakh and so on.

where as in international system we have ones, tens,hundreds,thousand, ten thousands,hundred thousands,million,ten million and so on. 

Posted by Sunidhi(DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL) on 21/6/13

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