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 how much energy is given to each coulomb of charge passing through 6V battery ???

Asked by Abhiram Nair(student) , on 6/4/14

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here, Potential difference= 6V

Charge of electron= 1 coulomb

Now, for every second of time 1 coulomb passes through conductor, Therefore,

Current= 1A

Now, Power= V*I

=> P= 6*1 W

=> P=6W

Now since 6 watt is the power then each coulomb of charge is provided with 6 Joules of energy per second.

Posted by Bored Guy(student)

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More Answers

Potential (measured in volts) is energy per unit charge. Questions like this or like "how much energy does an electron get being accelerated by 10000 V" are answered with this relation:

E = q*V

Just multiply q in Coulombs by V in volts. The energy is in Joules.
If q is in elementary charges (charge of electron = -1, charge
of proton = +1) then E is in electron volts or eV.

hope u understood...!!!


Posted by Angel Heart(student)


arre  prabash bhai y r u giving me thumps down??? any probs wid this answer???

Posted by Bored Guy(student)

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