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 Importance of DNA copying

Asked by Unni Kutty(S.N.Vidya Mandir ,kannur,kerala) , on 25/11/10


Dear Student,

DNA replication is an important process that ensure that when cell multiplies, through the mechanisms of mitosis and meiosis, the equal amount of DNA (genetic material) passes in to the new cell. The DNA replicates so that there will be an extra DNA when the cell multiplies, allowing the "daughters" the chance to reproduce.
Hope you got the answer.

Posted by on 26/11/10

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 hi unni 

dna copying mechanism is significant in reproduction because it enables to make copies of the blueprint ofof the body design of organism of a particular species . this in turn ensures tha t the basic body design of organisms of a partiicular species is sameand they  look similar  

Posted by kimir46...on 13/10/11

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