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kindly suggest any science working model project for physics or chemistry class X...thanx

Asked by Shrishti Sudin Prabhu Dessai , on 3/11/14

To make a working model/ project you will need to be clear with what is being taught in the subject. Once you do that, look at the real life applications of what you have been taught in the same. Using that you will easily be able to make a working model based on application of the concepts taught.
I would suggest to apply your mind and innovation in the project/ model with dedication. This will help you to innovate new project/ model by your own without much difficulty and you will start enjoying making good projects/ model. I hope you will come up with impressive project/ model. 

Posted by Ankur Deepon 3/11/14

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working model of hydroectric dam

Posted by shhnik(bridgeford school,ranchi) on 1/5/11

 I my self wants a working model on these topics : 

(1) Bio diversity - conservation &sustinense

(2)  Agriculture &technology

(3) green energy

(4) Transport &comunication

(5)  Comunity health & enviourment

(6) mathematical modelling 

Posted by kunalbhargava15...on 20/5/11

model of maths

working model of science

model of computer

chart of french

Posted by Saransh Goyalon 30/6/11

please tell me that how to make a working project model or a simple model on the topic health.

Posted by vyaskitty...on 3/8/11


 please tell me the process

Posted by Shreyagupta(V S P K INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL) on 17/11/12


Any one working model of electric curtrnt

Posted by Aditi Tambaton 19/3/14


wind mill Or hydro power model

Posted by Cheer Girlon 3/11/14

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