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Name the longest Plant cell?

Asked by Akash Divya (teacher) , on 24/7/15

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More Answers

 tissue is a group of cells and a largest cell. how can u say rufaidah tissue is not a cell . if know , tell me. 

but i think the longest cell, not a plant cell, only a cell is NERVE CELL.

I 'am not sure about plant cell.          

Posted by Anagha Bhardwaj (student) on 6/12/09

now i came to know that longest plant cell is phloem .

Posted by Anagha Bhardwaj (student) on 6/12/09


how can be phlome cell? can you define me.

Posted by Jatin Jai (student) on 2/5/10


 no it is wrong...

it 's ans is...





Actually i myself do 'nt know!!

Posted by Sneha Sharma (student) on 27/8/10


If yu donot know so keep away from it

Posted by Jatin Jai (student) on 12/8/11


 largest plant cell is acetabularia  but longest plant cell is remi fibres :)

Posted by Einstein New Version (student) on 2/11/11

sorrrrrrrrrrrry,iwaaaaaaaas wrrrrrrrronggggggggggg.

Posted by Swapnil Prasad (student) on 3/1/12

rufaid shah is correct its phoelem cell.

Posted by Alabh Manjul (student) on 24/7/15

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