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paragraph on corruption in india

Asked by Party Singh(PARRRDDDDYYYY!!!) , on 10/5/12

  • Corruption erodes the basic faith in democracy, law and order of a country. It leads to violations of human rights. It has adverse effects on the delivery of basic social services. It has a particularly harmful impact on the poor.

  • Youth should be taught to yearn for success through hard work and perseverance. They should be made self-reliant rather than letting them dream about gaining success through short-cuts which would provide them ample opportunities to make black money.

  • Youth must be involved in both the formulation and implementation of policy against corruption. Clubs and different fraternities should be formed for such purposes.

  • Youth could be role models to the young and try try to change the thinking of the older generation. Youth should be energetic and creative to mobilize and sensitize the general public.

You can also follow the mentioned link for more points on corruption in India:



Posted by Amrita Hazraon 11/5/12

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Posted by Party Singh(PARRRDDDDYYYY!!!) on 10/5/12

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