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 please tell me the summary of poem "not the marble nor the gilded monuments".

Asked by Saurav Roy(student) , on 11/8/11

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 the poet bring out the message "art and litrature never dies" and he also conveys love is immortal . the poem is written in praise of his beloved and he says his sonnents which is in praise of u shall live 4ever where as the monuments gt destroyd and the death and enimity destroys everything bt not this sonnet in praise of u

Posted by Sreelakshmi Raj...(student)on 12/8/11

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The poet addresses this sonnet to his beloved or friend. He says that marbled or gilded monuments built in memories of princes etc, shall not outlive this sonnet. His beloved shall shine more bright in this sonnet than these stoned monuments. These have been left uncared for and are now spoiled by uncleaned behaviour of time.

The poet says further that wasteful wars shall destroy these statues and monuments. Fights or wars shall ruin the work of masonry, that is, these structures. When this happens, this will not destroy this sonnet which records her memory. Even the sword of Mars , the god of war or wars ' fast moving fire shall not destro it.

The post 's beloved shall go ahead against death and all enmity which forgets things and seeks to destroy them. Her praise in this sonnet shall have a place even in posterity. It will survive this world even to the doomsday.

The poet says further that his beloved shall arise till the judgement day. She will live in this sonnet and shall also live in her lover 's eyes.


Hope this helps... :D

Posted by Harshitha Chall...(student)on 12/8/11

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