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Asked by Pooja Aggarwal(student) , on 19/2/14

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KHILAFAT AGITATION:-This was the movement which was started in1921 along with the movement of NON COOPERATION in India.This movement was started to defend Khalifa 's power.

When Ottoman Turkey,the Khalifa (spiritual haed of Islamic world) was defeated in 1st WW there were rumors that a harsh peace treaty wa going to be imposed on him and all his powers to be taken away.Therefore to defend Khalifa 's temporal powers a Khilafat Committee was formed in Bombay by young leaders like brothers Muhammad Ali and Shokat Ali.They talked with Mahatma Gandhi about a cumulative agitation or movement by Hindus and Muslims.Gandhiji was already looking up for such an opportunity.So, he convinced all other leaders of Congress about a jointed movement against Britishers in support of Khilafat as well as Non-Cooperation.


Posted by Nitin Gupta(student)on 18/2/10

More Answers

directly copied from our history text book right???haha

Posted by Jilin Rachel Ab...(student)on 18/2/10

Not copied just understood and gave the answer.

Posted by Nitin Gupta(student)on 18/2/10

And If you think it 's wrong or copied (either from book or from net) then buzz up the thumbs down.

Posted by Nitin Gupta(student)on 18/2/10

no no.....dont take it seriously......i simply told,kind of joked....but none understood.......thats fine

Posted by Jilin Rachel Ab...(student)on 18/2/10

I didn 't take it seriously.

Posted by Nitin Gupta(student)on 18/2/10

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