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Q. The poet has a dual attitude towards the snake . why does he experience conflicting emotions on seeing the snake ?

Asked by Pranav Nobita , on 6/8/15

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there was a part of the poet that was humbled by the snakes visit and glad that the snake had coosen the poets trough for quenching his thirst.the snake was like a guest to the poet and the poet praised the snakes appearence and elevated the snake to the status of god. he also waited patiently to fill water in his pitcher realising that he was the second comer. on the other hand the voice of his education told him that in sicily the black snakes were harmless and innocent where as the brown/golden ones were venemous. 

in this way he has dual opinions about the snake

Posted by Aribon 13/3/12

im glad u understood :)

Posted by Aribon 13/3/12

The human instinct in him makes him admire the majestic quality and beauty of the snake and doesn 't want to disturb it.
But his education and social awareness makes him regard it as a dangerous creature which must be killed.

Posted by Karthikon 7/2/15

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