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Scientific name of pipal leaf,banana leaf,rose leaf,tulsi leaf,mango leaf, mint leaf, guava leaf, ashoka leaf,dalia leaf

Asked by Isha Singh(student) , on 19/5/15

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More Answers

 What is the scientific name for a rose leaf ?

Posted by Mohsin Bourne(student)on 23/5/11


Posted by Vinamra Chaturv...(student)on 17/12/12

 plz plz plz plz tell the scientific name of rose leaf

Posted by Raavi(student)on 13/1/13

 and that web site dose not work

Posted by Raavi(student)on 13/1/13

 actuaally pata nahin

Posted by Hardik(student)on 20/1/13

scientific name of rose is Rosa berberifolia

Posted by Shashwat(student)on 5/1/14

guava - psidium guajava

Basil (tulsi)- ocimum basilicum

Posted by Shashwat(student)on 5/1/14

what is the scientific name for dalia leaf

Posted by Shashwat(student)on 5/1/14

pipal- Ficus religiosa ,banana leaf- musa paradasiaca ,rose leaf- rosa ,tulsi leaf-Ocimum tenuiflorum ,mango leaf-Mangifera indica , mint leaf- Mentha ,guava leaf- Psidium guajava ,ashoka leaf-Saraca asoca ,dalia leaf-Dahlia hybrid

Posted by Adrita Nath(student)on 19/5/15

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