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The molality of a solution of KCl (molar mass = 74.5 g mol−1) in water is 3 m. What is the mass percent of KCl in the solution?Answer me as soon as possible
Asked by Naman Rastogi(student) , on 5/8/11

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 probably this is right......

molality = 3 , this means that there are 3 moles of KCl in 1000 g of solvent(water).

3 moles of KCl = 3*74.5 = 223.5 g of KCl 

mass of solution = 1000g + 223.5g =1223.5g

thus % of KCl=( 223.5 / 1223.5 ) x 100 =18.26 %

Posted by mittal.shivam13...(student)on 5/8/11

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