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This is regarding the chapter "Should Wizard Hit Mommy? "

What makes Jack feel caught in an ugly middle position?

Answers from anyone is welcome :)

Asked by Aiswarya Divaga...(student) , on 25/2/13

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I haven 't read this poem yet... :P

Posted by Exuberant.me(student)on 25/2/13

More Answers

oh maybe its not a poem?.... :P

Posted by Exuberant.me(student)on 25/2/13

 Hahaha XD No it 's not a poem! It 's a chapter in the Vistas :P 

Posted by Aiswarya Divaga...(student)on 25/2/13

i was wondering the same thing too!! and its written "he did not want to speak with her ,work with her, touch her, anything". Whats that supposed to mean? doesnt he like his wife ?

Posted by Irfan Basheer(student)on 27/2/13

I know! I was confused about the same thing : I mean why wouldn 't he feel like doing anything with his wife all of a sudden? Doesn 't really make sense..

Posted by Aiswarya Divaga...(student)on 28/2/13

Let 's just hope we don 't get this question on the paper! :P 

Posted by Aiswarya Divaga...(student)on 28/2/13

Jack found himself in an ugly middle position as he couldn 't satisfy his daughter as well as his wife.

Posted by Bulbul(student)on 28/2/15

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