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This question is from RD Sharma page 2.34 exercise2.1,Q10


Q If alpha and Beeta are the zeroesof the quadratic polynomial3s square- 6s+4find


alpha beeta


+beeta alpha


+2(1 alpha+1 beeta)


= 3 alpha beeta


Please don 't mind the way I have written the question actually when I wrote it in one go it said that my input is very large.





Asked by Meenakshi Sharm...(student) , on 20/6/10

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This question is out of syllabus of class 10th as it has imaginary roots

Posted by Nitin Gupta(student)

More Answers

 hey did is a very easy one

u will get first alpha square and beeta square by alpha and beetha

plus u take the lcm and add 3 alpha

and just substitute the values and use the formula

then get the answer

Posted by Amrit Paul(student)

Its good that you have done it but the above answerers say that it is out of syllabus.

Posted by Meenakshi Sharm...(student)

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