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two circular pieces of equal radii and maximum area, touching each other are cut out from a rectangular cardboard of dimensions 14cm x 17 cm . Find the area of remaining card board?
Asked by Sreedevi Sunilk...(parent) , on 7/1/14

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I think it is 14*7 instead of 14*17.

Since each circle has maximum area,
diameter of each circle = half of length = 7 cm
radius of each circle = 3.5 cm
Area of each circle = πr 2 = 22 7 * 3 . 5 2 = 38.5   cm 2
Area of both circles = 38.5*2=77 cm2
Total area = 14*7=98 cm2
Remaining area =98-77=21cm2

Posted by S. Usha Rani(MeritNation Expert)on 10/1/14

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