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 What do you mean by depletion of ozone layer???

Quick.... need the answer now itself.... 

Help me dear dearest friends....

Asked by Aleena Mariam(THE INDIAN SCHOOL) , on 14/3/15


Depletion in Ozone Layer:- Depletion in Ozone layer refers to the decrease in the thickness of Ozone layer.It is a result of several factors such as--

-Emission of Greenhouse gases




It can be brought down in mainly two ways-


-Reducing emmision of GreenHouse Gases.

Hope you get what you needed!

Posted by Nitin Gupta(Birla Senior Secondary School,Pilani) on 1/2/10

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Thankyou Nitin...

It was very useful....

Posted by Purnima Kartha(CARMEL GIRLS HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL) on 1/2/10

depletion in the ozone is mainly caused by chlorofluorocarbons [CFCs] which are used in refigiration, fire extinguishers and aerosol sprayers.

Posted by Manish(NATIONAL MODEL SECONDARY SCHOOL) on 14/3/15

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