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What do you mean by sorter 's disease?

Asked by Victorlancevance , on 16/6/12


Hi. Wool industry is the most important means of livelihood for many people. But sorter 's job is very risky beacause sometimes they get infected by a bacterium called anthrax, which causes a fatal blood disease called sorter 's disease. Such types of diseases are called occupational hazards.

Hope my answer helps :) . Cheers!!! 

Posted by Sasuke258on 16/6/12

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A pulmonary form of anthrax that results from the inhalation of spores of the bacterium Bacillus A nthracis  in the wool of contaminated sheep.
The bacterium that causes this is Bacillus Anthracis

Posted by Anuvinda Murali(the model school) on 16/6/12


In  medical   jurisprudence . A popular name for malignantanthrax, a disease characterized by malignant pustules or carbuncles, caused byInfection by putrid animal matter containing the bacillus anthracis, and chiefly prevalentamong persons whose  business  is to handle wool and hides, such as tanners, butchers,and herdsmen. See Bacon v. United States Mut. Acc. Ass’n, 123 N. Y. 304. 25 N. E. 399,9 L. R. A. 617, 20 Am. St. Rep. 748

Read more: WOOL SORTERS ' DISEASE | Definition of WOOL SORTERS ' DISEASE (Black 's Law Dictionary) 

Posted by Raga Niveda(KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA) on 16/6/12


Sorter 's disease is caused when a worker works in an industry and is caused due to bacteria named Bacillus Anthracis.

Posted by Kartik Kumar Gupta(md) on 16/6/12


People workig in the wool industry sometimes get infeceted by a bacterium called anthrax . It leads to a fatal blood disease called sorter disease

Posted by Alok Kumaron 17/6/12

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