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 what happens if oil supplies get exhausted???

Asked by muskanpretty...(THE INDIAN SCHOOL) , on 1/5/14


 If Oil supply gets exhausted then following can be its consequences---> 


1. Lesser Oil means lesser functioning of machineries which in turn leads to lessening of comfort lifestlye of people.

2. Many persons may become unemployed due to depletion of oil which are the major fuel products in factories.

3. Many moving vehicles which run on liquid fuels of oils will stop working disenabling the person 's access to these means of transport.

4.Depletion of Fossil fuels like these oils will lead to extinction of many things which make human life comfortable.

5. Many important factories and industries will go bankrupt.

In Easy words human life will have to face many difficulties.

Hope it helps!

Cheers@@ Keep Smiling!!:))

Posted by Devilishly Cool(KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA NO 2) on 11/6/11

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Typically oil is supposed to be a renewable resource but it takes a good about millions of years.In today's generation people are utilising the oil resources at a rapid and fast speed,due to which the oil resources don't get much time to get renewed again.Oil helps in many factors of household needs as well as for the technical and economical development of a country and if these resources get exhausted then many of these activities will come to a halt.For example: 1) Cooking food,lightening the stove or the lantern.2) Industries will be shut and the transportation facilities will come to a complete FULL STOP!

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Posted by Viraj Mehta(DAYANAND PUBLIC SCHOOL) on 1/5/14

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