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What happens to the kinetic energy when

i ) The mass of the body is doubled at constant velocity

ii ) The velocity of the body is doubled at constant velocity

iii ) The mass of the body is doubled but the velocity is reduced to


Asked by mritunjai.tomar...(student) , on 19/3/12

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EK = 1/2 m * v2

i) when mass is doubled with the velocity constant then K. E. = 1/2 (2m) * v2

=> 2 { 1/2 m * v2}

=> the kinetic energy would be doubled.

ii) I cant understand it as u are increasing the velocity and saying it constant. 

If, the v is doubled ith the mass constant, then the Kinetic Energy would become 4 times.

iii) if the mass is doubked and velocity halved, then the kinetic energy would be Halved

Hope the answer is right.

Posted by Akarsh Anupam(student)on 19/3/12

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please kindly check if the (ii) question is right or wrong.....

thank you

Posted by Lochana(student)on 19/3/12

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