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What hazardous materials have to be dealt with while disposing off electronic items. How would these materials effect the enviroment?
Asked by Vinod Poonia(student) , on 28/10/11

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Electronics from the last 20-30 years could contain batteries, mercury, radioactive materials, and more recently glycol cooling systems. Specialized electronic devices can contain compressed gasses, and other liquids as well. Some of these could be exempted for residential disposal, contact your disposal company/city services for detailed restrictions and exemptions (demand the detailed document or website, many will guess on the phone). The residential exemptions don 't apply to businesses, but there still are some exemptions worth checking out with the disposal company in your area. If your electronics contains any of these hazards (look for labels or open it up) and the exemptions don 't apply you 'll have to follow state & epa guidelines (in the USA) which often requires training and specialized disposal contractors.

Posted by Ranbir Kapoor(student)on 12/1/13

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