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 What is barter system?Explain in detail.

Asked by Komal , on 22/1/15

barter is where people exchanged goods for other goods like trading a loaf of bread for some jam.Alot of people on the map use the barter systems and aboriginals used that barter system but could only trade with themselves..

Barter System is that system in which goods are exchanged for goods. In ancient times when money was not invented trade as a whole was on barter system. This was possible only in a simple economy but after the development of economy, direct exchange of goods without the use of money, was not without defects.


Posted by Shivani Lohanion 8/11/11

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 exchange of goods for trading.

Posted by Hemal(dalmia public school) on 8/11/11

barter system is exchage of goods without the use of

money :)

Posted by Sonakshi Mittalon 8/11/11

 a system where goods are directly exchanged without the use of maney e.g, a farmer exchanging his wheat with shoes produced by a shoe manufacturer

Posted by akaash25(Vani Vidyalaya Virugambakkam) on 9/11/11

sumbody answer me this question in an exact way..

Posted by Anitha Asokrajon 9/11/11

simple....Barter System is that system in which goods are exchanged for goods...

Posted by Shivani Lohanion 15/11/11

It is a system..in which goods are exchange without any help of money.. like it can change by goods from goods;products by products but not with the exchange of money, called barter system.

Posted by Komalon 22/1/15

for example-An wheat seller: Exchange his wheat with an shoe maker.... is also an barter system...

Posted by Komalon 22/1/15

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