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what is criminal justice system of india???

Asked by Satyajit Roy(KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA NO.1) , on 10/10/13

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The Union of India is a Federal Polity consisting of different states. The states have their own powers and functioning under the Constitution of India. The Police and Prison are the state subjects. However, the Federal laws are followed by the Police, Judiciary, and Correctional Institutes. The system followed in India for dispensation of criminal justice is the adversarial system of common law inherited from the British Colonial Rulers. This paper explains the structure, powers, and functioning of the three vital agencies of the Criminal Justice Administration of India, namely, the Police, Judiciary, and Correctional Administration. This paper also explains the community-based corrections, Juvenile Justice System, and Intervention of Apex Court for effecting the function in the Criminal Justice System in India.

Posted by Srishti Patkar( A. J. DE ALMEIDA HIGH SCHOOL) on 10/10/13

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