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 What is difference between collinear & coplanar vectors ? 

If  vector AO + OB = vector BO + OC , then A , B , C are coplanar or collinear ?

Asked by Anunoy Choudhary(DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL) , on 26/9/10

 collinear vectors means that they have lie on any line which are common in them 

but coplanar means they lie in a plane such as x-y plane our cartesian coordinate system like that 

Posted by Vivek Gautam(KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA) on 26/9/10

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 they are maybe collinear but they are guaranteed coplanar unless you are not studying them in 3D geometry 

Posted by Vivek Gautam(KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA) on 26/9/10

They are collinear if AO =AC else they are coplanar

Posted by Adesh Srivastava(m .l.convet school) on 9/11/10

Since vector AO+OB=BA

and vector BO+OC=CB

both the vectors have a common point B therefore they are collinear

Posted by Stan Lanceon 28/2/12

is this question based on maharastra textbooks

Posted by Siddheshpathakon 28/7/12

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