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 What is difference between collinear & coplanar vectors ? 

If  vector AO + OB = vector BO + OC , then A , B , C are coplanar or collinear ?

Asked by Anunoy Choudhar...(student) , on 26/9/10

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 collinear vectors means that they have lie on any line which are common in them 

but coplanar means they lie in a plane such as x-y plane our cartesian coordinate system like that 

Posted by Vivek Gautam(student)

More Answers

 they are maybe collinear but they are guaranteed coplanar unless you are not studying them in 3D geometry 

Posted by Vivek Gautam(student)

Since vector AO+OB=BA

and vector BO+OC=CB

both the vectors have a common point B therefore they are collinear

Posted by Stan Lance(student)

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