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What is hydrogenation ? What is its industrial application ?

Asked by Yashwant Chaudhari (student) , on 25/3/15

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The reaction in which hydrogen gets added to unsaturated hydrocarbon to give saturated hydrocarbon is called hydrogenation.

and its industrial application is .....it is used for the hydrogenation of vegetable oil then the liquid vegetable oil changes into solid fat

vegetable oil + H2--------------vegetable ghee

Posted by !!!!!! Gurmeet !!!!!! Geet (student) on 24/1/10

More Answers

i love vidya balan

Posted by Ravi (teacher) on 16/3/12

i love u too swati1212

Posted by Ravi (teacher) on 16/3/12

the conversion of unsaturated hydrocarbons to saturated hydrocarbons by the reaction of hydrogen is known as hydrogenation

Posted by Prithvi (student) on 24/2/15

The addition of hydrogen to unsaturated hydrocarbon in the presence of catalyst like nickel.

Posted by Sanchit (student) on 26/2/15

add hydrogen to reaction so that unsaturated converted in unsaturated hydrocarbon
industrial application : oil converted into ghee

Posted by Jh (student) on 28/2/15

The process of conversion of unsaturated hydrocarbon to a saturated hydrocarbon by the addition of hydrogen atom is reffered to as hydrogenation reaction. Industrial Application : conversion of oil into ghee..

Posted by Kishan (student) on 17/4/15

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