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what is meant by downward displacement of water

Asked by Harinagarjunaraosaidu , on 5/4/12


In downward displacement  of water, you immerse a jar in a large container of water and let it fill completely with water. Then turn the jar upside down, and put the tube for the gas under the jar opening. The gas enters the jar and forces the water down and out as the jar fills with gas - so it it called "downward displacement of water." This is a good way to collect a jar of oxygen,   hydrogen or natural gas from the gas tap.

Posted by Vidhi Srivastava(Girls' High School & College) on 10/4/12

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gases which are not or are slighty soluble in water are got by this meathod as the gas is not mixed with water

Posted by Devansh Garg(bsm) on 20/4/12


Hi , I am Siddharth.....

the answer to this question is......

 What the Downward Displacement of water actually is is when  water is pushed downwards to allow an increase in gases  being able to move into a certain area.  Therefore forcing  water out and creating room, the amount of water being  pushed away over a period of time is an indication of the  effect of substrate concentrate on the rate of enzyme  concentration because of the amount of gas released. 

Posted by renubhuptani26...on 4/5/12

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