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 what is meant by motion in a stright line?give some examples

Asked by dewangi.sharma....(student) , on 26/12/11

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The   motion  of a  body  along  a straight  line  are called rectilinear  motion. examples  vehicles moving on a straight  road.

Posted by Vidhi Srivastav...(student)

More Answers

When an object moves in a straight line it is said to be a rectilinear motion.It is also called as the translatory motion.For example,an apple falling from a tree or a car moving in a straight path or road.

Posted by Satadha Spandan(student)

it is called rectillinear motion it is a kind of trsnslatory motion

examples are-

  • train moving on straight rail track
  • a freely falling stone
  • a car moving on straight road
  • a coin moving on a carrom board

Posted by Princess Cool(student)

when a body moves in a straight line it is said to posses rectilinear motion this is when body moves in a straight line example- apple falling from tree

Posted by Aditya Shukla(student)

 when a body or an object moves in a straight path ,its motion is said to be the motion in a straight line.

ex-cycling on a straight road.

Posted by Preeti Mohapat...(student)

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