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 what is neutral point ?

Asked by Tejaswini , on 7/4/12


In electrostatics, neutral point is the point in space between two like charges where the net electric field due to the charges is zero.

In magnetostatics, when we use a magnetic compass to trace the magnetic field lines of a bar magnet we obtain two pairs of points where the magnetic compass detects no net magnetic field.  

One such pair of points is obtained when the North pole of the bar magnet points South and another such pair of points is obtained when the North pole of the bar magnet points the North.

These points are called neutral points.

In thermoelectricity neutral point is a point in the temperature scale for which the thermoelectric power of the two metals used becomes zero. If the temperature given to the junctions of the metals are equally more and less than the neutral point, then no current or potential difference will be produced.

Posted by Somnath Mazumderon 8/4/12

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the temperature at which the thermoelectric power of two metals is zero and which is midway between the temperature of the cold junction and the corresponding temperature of inversion,

;)) hope it helps u

Posted by Vineeta(PRAGATI VIDYA PEETH) on 7/4/12


the place where net electrico static force is zero that point is known as nul point or nuetraal point.

Posted by Anshumanon 7/4/12


All magnetic materials experience a force due to earth 's magnetic field. Neutral points or null points around a bar magnet are those points at which earth 's magnetic field get cancels out by the magnetic field of bar magnet

Posted by Ishan Goyalon 7/4/12


In magnetic field, the point where there is no magnetic field is called neutral point. In two magnetic field the resultant of two fields at same place cancels out each others effect and is referred as Null or Neutral point. If we place a compass needle at this particular point it shows no deflection

Posted by Ishan Goyalon 7/4/12

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