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what is parallel venation?

Asked by Hitesh Patel(student) , on 28/9/11


Parallel venation is a vascular arrangement in leaves characterized by the longitudinal (or nearly so) orientation of veins of relatively uniform size, it is vein arrangement in a leaf withveinsparallel from the base to the tip of the leaf. Plants with fibrous roots have parallel venation. Aloe Vera, Coconut , most types of grasses have parallel venation.

Posted by Carrie_Bradshaw(student)on 28/9/11


When the veins in a leaf are parallel to each other they are known as Parallel Venation.

Parallel venation is vein arrangement in a leaf with veins parallel from the base to the tip of the leaf.


Posted by Nandhiga Ramani(student)on 28/9/11



@Garima, your friends have answered correctly.

Hope you got it,

@All, good efforts! We really appreciate your contributions to this forum. Keep posting!!


Posted by Ankita Agarwal(MeritNation Expert)on 30/9/11

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If the design of veins are parallel to one another, it is called parallel venation.

Posted by Helen James(student)on 1/10/11

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