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 what is the difference between excretion and egestion

Asked by Ashwin Arora(student) , on 26/9/12

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@ Ashwin- Your friends are right. So, you can refer to their answers

@ arnold, komal, robin - Good work. Keep posting !!

Posted by Sneha Manaswitaon 27/9/12

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More Answers

Egestion is the discharge or expulsion of undigested material (food) from a cell in case of unicellular organisms, and from the digestive tract via the anus in case of multicellular organisms. 

It should not be confused with excretion, which is getting rid of waste formed from the chemical reaction of the body, such as in urine, sweat. 

Posted by Arnold Anthony(student)on 26/9/12

excretion is the removal of the nitrogeneous waste from the body through the excretory system.

whereas egestion is the process of removal of the undigested food from the body.


Posted by Komal Singh(student)on 26/9/12



Removal of waste products in the body due to metabolic activities

Elimination of undigested material through rectum and anus


Posted by Robin(student)on 27/9/12

excretion is the removal of waste from the body and in liquid form whereas egestion is the removal of undigested material from the body in semi solid form

Posted by Ashutosh Dubey(student)on 27/9/12

  • excretion: -removal of waste products from the body due to its metabolic activities is called excretion
  • egestion:-elimination of undigested material through the rectum and the anus is called egestion

Posted by George Mathew(student)on 27/9/12

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