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What is the full form of CFC ??

Asked by Gurjeet(student) , on 14/3/14

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@Others...Good work,,,keep posting!

Posted by Mushtaqon 14/3/14

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the full form of cfc is clorofluorocarbon which is one of the greenhouse gas.

it leads to the depletation of ozone layer.

hope it helps you.

good luck...

Posted by Vaibhav Thakur(student)on 18/2/12


Posted by Prachi(student)on 18/2/12

@vaibhav CFC is nt a greenhouse gas

Posted by Prachi(student)on 18/2/12

To the best of my knowledges CFCs are NOT  greenhouse gases . Rather, they 're detrimental to the atmosphere because they release free halogen radicals that catalyze the decomposition of ozone. Put in simpler terms, the presence of CFCs in the stratosphere has contributed significantly to the thin patches of  ozone layer  (the so-called "ozone hole").

Posted by Prachi(student)on 18/2/12

they are green house gases as i tried searching at wikipedia

Posted by Abhishek Patra(student)on 18/2/12

Although CFCs are greenhouse gases, they are regulated by the Montreal Protocol, which was motivated by CFCs ' contribution to ozone depletion

Posted by Abhishek Patra(student)on 18/2/12


its mainly emitted by refrigirators and air conditioners

Posted by Rachitha Rulez....(student)on 18/2/12


Posted by Chaaya(student)on 14/3/14

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