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what is the meaning of pan-regional-empire

Asked by Sarakshi Patnaik (student) , on 16/10/13

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The term pan-regional empire means an empire expending diverse region. Not all the empire are equality stable or successful

Posted by Mumta Banarji (student) on 17/10/13

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pan means all hence pan-regional means 'from all regions '

Posted by Suraj Rajput (student) on 28/6/13

The pan-regional was used in the sense of the areas of empires spanning diverse regions. The dynasties like Cholas, Khaljis, Tughluqs and Mughals extended their empires pan-regional. Though, not all these empires were equally stable or successful. But pan-regional rule altered the character of the regions. Most of the regions across the subcontinent were left with the legacies of the big and small states that had ruled over them. The emergence of many distinct and shared traditions in governance the economy elite cultures and languages were some of the prominent factors that took place as a result of pan-regional rules.

Posted by Ms Surya (student) on 16/10/13


when the mughal empire declined in the eigtheen century , it led to the emergence of states and thus, called pan religional

Posted by Ms Surya (student) on 16/10/13

pan-regional empire means crossing its region and spreading on other regions.

Posted by Damodar Aash (parent) on 16/10/13


pan religion empire means an empire of spanning diverse region.

Posted by Aman Kumar (student) on 17/10/13

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